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"Be A Nose!" has been featured on youtube's front page and by drawn, cartoonbrew, cold hard flash, usatoday's blog, Boards Magazine, Heeb Magazine, The Pitchfork, Blast Magazine, Boards Magazine and Mcsweeney's, just to name a few. It's exciting to get work out there and have it be seen by such a wide audience!

I have begun a small series of designs featuring women in winter clothing. I am going to try integrating graphic and detailed textural elements, as a way of emphasizing certain pieces of clothing. Fashion illustration of a sort. One piece, still in progress, is shown above.


shok said...

I dig her.
I love her coat!
I want a coat like her's.

Randall Ensley said...

The many talents of Lars Edwards, Renaissance Man.

Mike said...

Thanks man! congrats on Be a Nose! I've seen it everywhere!!