Satellite Dish

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New painting! The first image shows a bit of my process, how I worked out some of the broad color and composition.  The second is the final product.  Enjoy!


cat mustache

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Little weekend project--work in process.



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Hair sketch

Been awhile, but I hope to post some images (process and otherwise) from "Deep Sea Deli", the new game I worked on, here soon.  In the meantime, the sketch below will have to suffice.  It is pencil on wood and was primarily completed to test the use of tar gel on a larger piece.

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Adult Swim and Juxtapoz Magazine

On my way home recently, I popped into a bookstore and picked up the July issue of Juxtapoz, which is entirely dedicated to Adult Swim.  I did a painting of Early Cuyler from Squidbillies for this issue (see below)!  Definitely exciting to see my work printed in such a great magazine!  I'll try to post some process images in the next post.


Ravenshire Castle

Here are a few examples of work that I created for Lolapps / 6Waves.  I was Senior Animator for the production of Ravenshire Castle.  I also animated assets and characters on the games Ravenwood Fair and Ravenskye City, some of which can be seen at the end of this reel.

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It's been a long year, full of big changes.  Laura and I got married, then moved across the country to Berkeley.  I moved out here to work on Social and Mobile games; life in Berkeley also has me cycling on the weekends, going to farmers' markets, and (after reading Extra Virginity by Tom Mueller) becoming increasingly interested in the processes that go into the production of fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Although I'm not (yet) allowed to discuss with any specificity the project I was hired to work on back in March, I can say that I'm excited about this issue of Juxtapoz!

Here is a in-progress detail of a drawing (one of a series) on wood:


Sneak Peek

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Finally getting around to finishing this sketch out! In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of what I've done so far.


ESPN Sports Bar and Grill

I've been away for a bit, but I can finally share what I've been busy working on for the past year! Green Shoe Animation has worked with Playdom to create a new game: ESPN Sports Bar and Grill.

You are the proprietor a bar and must keep your customers happy by keeping their appetites and thirsts sated, displaying real live sport games (featuring live updates), and decorating your bar with sports paraphenalia. You can predict the outcomes of games, listen to ESPN radio, and more!

I don't yet have permission to share any of my specific designs or animations that I contributed to the game, so in the meantime, please join me on facebook and play the game! (And don't forget to add me as your neighbor, of course!)


Eric Egerton

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I was looking through an old sketchbook, and I found this quick painting of my freshman roommate, Eric. I don't get the chance to do portraits like this much any more, so it was refreshing to find this.


More Soon.

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Not done. More soon.


Alligator Bag

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She found that beautiful bag tucked away in the corner of her favorite pawnshop, its price tag dancing in a twisted dangle and then falling still as a cranky oscillating fan rotated its head from side to side. She turned the tag so that the price was facing her and smiled at her find. It was a good price--a steal in fact. That is pride you see in her face. Yes, folded into the blistered wrinkles of her weary scute is the pride of a woman who now has something precious, an heirloom of sorts, which she may, at some point later on when her eyes no longer break the surface of water because she prefers instead to stretch along the lazy length of a sun-warmed rock, pass on to her child.


3 Character Designs

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Three early character designs for an animated project I'm working on with Aaron Hawkins. I cannot discuss the project in much detail, but the overall design ultimately took on a different, more simplified look, inspired in some part on the stylized designs that came out of the UPA in the 1950s. And while we're on the subject, Amid Amidi's beautiful book Cartoon Modern collects much of the work from this era--it is a beautiful book and I highly recommend it!


Little Black Dress

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