Something old, something new...

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I realize I've already posted the lady on the right, but she now has a companion sketch on the facing page of my sketchbook. Also, I darkened the linework on her--the previous scan was a bit light. Both of these characters are bound to appear here in a final, polished form soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lars! I found your blog from Rachel's (your cousin). Just wanted to say hi and that I LOVE your drawings. I love seeing the sketches and then seeing the finished product. Not sure if they are "finished" but seeing them go from a sketch to having color and all that. I know these aren't "technical" terms, but let's just say I like them! All of the people just feel so real and like someone I would see in my everyday life. Anyhow, just wanted to say hi and keep up the good work. :) What did you do on Sesame Street?? Maybe I can tune in and my little girl can watch it! Have a great Christmas!

Heather Bishop

Happy Festivus as well.